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Learn to swim - Stroke development

By the end of our Stylers program, your swim star will be able to efficiently and confidently swim all four strokes. 

With four ability based classes, our Stylers program inspires your child to master all four strokes. 

These lessons empower each styler to progress at their own pace, whilst refining and perfecting their technique. 

Student's have infinite fun learning each stroke and once graduated, have built the essential skills to shoot for the stars in swimming squad. 

To join our Stylers classes, we welcome you to a free discovery & assessment session at a location closest to you. 

Within this program, we have four different levels:

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Sammy's Stylers 1

Max 5 per class

Sammy's Stylers 2

Max 6 per class

Sammy's Stylers 3

Max 6 per class

Sammy's Stylers 4

Max 6 per class

Class times

Classes are held Monday to Friday – mornings & afternoons
+ Saturday & Sunday mornings.

Choose a location convenient to you to find available class times.

North Lakes

Mt Gravatt East

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