Stroke Development Program

The Sam Riley Swim Schools “Sammy Stylers” Program has been designed to break the strokes down into a number of smaller, more manageable skills …. like building blocks



Our structured lesson plans enables your child to progress with their swimming at their own pace. By breaking our levels down into 4 small levels our instructors can spend valuable time with your child guiding and correcting each skill until they have grasped it to the appropriate level


This encouraging process will continue right through to our Sammy Styler 4 level, and when completed, your children will be swimming all four strokes with maximum efficiency, stroke length and technique – and by the way, we make it FUN along the way


Next level your child will progress to is: Dolphins 1 – Stroke Correction/Squad levels


Class Size

Sammy Stylers 1 – max. 5/class

Sammy Stylers 2 – max. 6/class

Sammy Stylers 3 – max. 6/class

Sammy Stylers 4 – max. 6/class



Classes available Monday to Friday afternoons & Saturday mornings – see your nearest swim school for more information

Sammy Stylers

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Copyright © 2016 All rights reserved


Copyright © 2016 All rights reserved